chestfatremovalA significant percentage of men suffer from gynaecomastia. If you haven’t previously heard that term, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the slang version, which is man boobs. Although there’s no shortage of jokes floating around about man boobs, for men who suffer from this condition, the impact can be crippling.

One of the worst things about most cases of gynaecomastia is while issues like a little extra fat around the waist can be hidden by making smart wardrobe choices, this problem can be nearly impossible to conceal. So even if a man is OK with not going shirtless at the pool or beach, he may still feel embarrassed because his breasts are visible through everything from work shirts to sweaters.

What makes gynaecomastia even more frustrating is many men aren’t able to do anything about it on their own. Even if a man commits to eliminating alcohol from his diet and working out on a regular basis, his breasts may remain. The reason is there’s simply no way to target specific areas for fat loss without surgical help.

Regardless of whether it impacts a teenager or a man in forties, this condition can take a major psychological toll. If you’re a man who’s struggling with gynaecomastia, you’ll be relieved to know that there is a proven solution that can eliminate this problem for good.

How Male Chest Reduction Surgery Works

manboobsfixAs previously mentioned, the only proven way to eliminate male breasts is through surgery. Specifically, male chest reduction surgery makes it possible to remove excess fat from the chest. Once the fat is gone, a man can enjoy having a chest that’s more defined and masculine in appearance. And whether a man wants to go shirtless during the summer or simply feel good in his daily clothes, not having a feminine chest will make this possible.

In terms of how the actual surgery works, the process begins by having a consultation with a surgeon. The surgeon will discuss your current condition, as well as evaluate your suitability for this procedure. If you both decide that the surgery is the right choice, you can expect the procedure to last for one to two hours.

During the surgery, a small incision will be made around the lower part of one nipple. Pain from this procedure will be minimized with help from a local anesthetic. Once the incision has been made, a liposuction instrument can be used to take out the fat that’s creating the appearance of a breast. This process will then be repeated on the other side of the chest.

After the surgery, you will need to fully rest for 48 hours. Past that initial healing period, you can expect a few weeks of swelling and tenderness, followed by a few months to completely heal from the procedure. If you’re ready to regain the confidence that this condition has taken from you, book a consultation today to begin the chest fat removal process.

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